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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  January 4, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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>> and now, bbc world news. >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. making a remarkable recovery, just three months after her terrorists shot her in the head. all eyes of the venezuelan president as he battles complications after cancer surgery. and in parousia's are turning up the heat for an extreme exercise that is bound to make you sweat.
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welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. it shocked the world, but remarkably, the pakistan girl targeted was discharged from a british hospital. her release comes three months after she was shot in the head. her crime was campaigning for girls to be educated. and jeremy has this report. >> a remarkable recovery, hard to believe as she walked out of a hospital. her survival was against the odds, the extent of her recovery delighted the medical staff. she says a thank-you to the nurses and doctors here. she is off to a temporary home that they have set up. something of a normal life after
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so much pain and separation. >> she could talk, it was a good side of her brain had not been damaged. ha >> going to school, the same right to education. her case has attracted worldwide coverage and support. >> the genuinely an inspiration for millions of other people around the world as well. the world did stand up. >> she was rushed to hospital and it became clear that the bullet wound needed a more sophisticated life-saving treatment. the teenager was brought to
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birmingham. with her family at her side, she has been talking, walking, ready to go home. in a few weeks, she will be back here for major reconstructive surgery on her skull. but for now, a moment of joy, looking forward to a future that did not seem possible just a few weeks ago. >> more than 40 politicians are facing charges of crimes against women, including six rape charges. it comes after a wave of public outrage of the case of rape and murder of a medical student sweeping the country. they spoke to the media for the first time, the correspondent has more. >> an interview that will shake
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the nation already reeling from the horrific crimes. details painting the authorities in a harsh life. even paying a 30-cent fare, and the nightmare began. they started teasing by fred and it led to a brawl. they took my friend away. the bus fruits are round, we see footage with the man brutally torturing and raping the woman. the driver tried above them down. -- to run them down. for 30 critical minutes, with his friend bleeding, nobody stopped to help. we were made to wait and i had to beg for clothes. he called attackers animals and says he wishes he could have saved her.
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hawking about the protests that followed, carrying on this fight will be heard tribute. >> known for his speeches, but tonight, the venezuelan president is suffering from complications following surgery in cuba. he has a severe lung infection just days before he is due to be sworn in for a third died. -- time. >> when he left for treatment, he did not disguise his tears. he has had surgery four times in his health has deteriorated further. >> to the government warns that as well as not to believe rumors that a to destabilize and
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venezuela and the revolution. there was one telling phrase. >> respiratory deficiency. it has heightened speculation that he will not be coming back to venezuela any time soon. he was reelected after 14 years in power had a champion of the poor. he used the vast oil wealth to cut unemployment and poverty. he has become a critic some of the united states and made friends with its enemies. critics say he is dangerously dogmatic. what will happen if he's incapacitated? >> if he's out of the picture, there will be dramatic changes
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in venezuela. it is a coutnry used to having chavez at the center of the political anatomy. >> claiming to champion the poor and depressed every year, can his political creed survive? that as well as praise for uncertainty and change. -- is braced for uncertainty and change. >> i spoke a brief time ago with the president of the inter- american dialogue. if he is too sick to be sworn in for his new term as president, what happens? dodge the opposition is beginning the top line.
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they are different interpretations and a very polarized situation. >> what are the main challenges facing venezuela? >> high inflation, a huge fiscal deficit, a major oil producer. the insecurity and violence and crime has risen dramatically. whatever government succeeds, he will have his hands full. >> he was defiantly anti- american. any chance that there is to be a change in leadership? >> the chance for communication in washington. i think if there is a government, you can begin to see the presence of ambassadors, perhaps in both capitals. i don't think it will get a warm and fuzzy between the countries
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soon. >> until investors see an opportunity? >> the largest oil reserves in the world. a country has been governed by one man that makes all the decisions. having been discovered if a shift to a different kind of model or system of government, investors will be more interested. >> will iran be his legacy? >> i believe the nineteenth century independence leader wants to defy the superpower and to make alliances with enemies of the united states to try to bring latin america together. what we see in latin america is a very fragmented region. >> he has shown opposition to the u.s..
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>> that is a significant change, latin america is more confident, independent. they just contributed to that. >> hundreds of thousands of supporters rallied today, the first such gathering since day ousted forces 5 1/2 years ago. we have this report. >> tens of thousands of supporters came for the unprecedented rally in the heart of the city. it has been years since anything like this was allowed to be staged, some injured in the crush. they traveled for the first time since they were violently ousted in 2007.
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addressing the crowd through a video link, the president said there could be no substitute for national unity. >> we should work together in unity to reach the national goals and reach a victory. >> status for the palestinian authority, they say reconciliation is essential. the goal of a palestinian state is to be realized. since the recent conflict between israel and her boss, there has been allegiances revealed between the factions. the western nations are wary of the group. many countries regard that as a terrorist organization. earlier this week, the israeli
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government says it could take control of the west bay. the rally was earlier than planned and speakers stopped after organizers said there were organizational problems. there were reports between members that felt the leaders were not given a prominent enough role at the event. >> a roundup of other stories. the united states started deploying troops and missiles to turkey. the question that the defense system and in october, five citizen's guide when a mortar landed on their home. gabrielle gifford has visited the town where a gunman killed 26 people inside of an elementary school. deferreds was shot and critically wounded in a 2011
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shooting and was planning to meet on friday with families. now for the bumpy ride the american economy has taken. we started the week with high drama and related -- ended with the latest unemployment report. theasn't enough to change 7.8% jobless rate. what is the forecast for a year ahead? i discussed it with the assistant managing editor. when you read the fine print of this report, what is your verdict? >> is a little more positive that we expected it to be. construction jobs were up, not the kind of stimulus that you want. we are not open for natural
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disaster, but it speaks to something interesting that there have been a lot of calls for infrastructure projects to boost growth. retail hiring was flat, maybe a bit down. it speaks to the fact that there were concerns on the part of consumers, people worried about the tax hikes coming down >> there is another who wrote a living over the borrowing limit. >> i am more worried about this fight. we were not able to get an increase in the debt ceiling. republicans have indicated this is something they are going to use as a bargaining tool. we're going to run out of money to run our country between the end of february and early march.
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i want to be clear that this probably doesn't mean defaulting on the debt of the united states which is as a disaster scenario. it represents about 6% of all the money we are talking about, but paychecks or stop giving tax refunds, but this is really serious business and could be quite contentious, even more so than the ceiling talks. >> this seems absolutely crazy. >> i cover markets and high not only have outside of washington, you can see the volatility of the markets, any time there is a small io, markets go up. businesses can't believe politicians in this country are going the let us get to this stage.
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dodge dealer expected the obama administration to try any other different economic policies? >> what you'll see in the next couple of years is the president being forced to go around congress as much as he can. >> he took portions of that and tried to get it through using executive powers. unfortunately, you need congress to vote on major spending packages and major policy shifts in terms of infrastructure projects. it is early was holding the u.s. economy back. most indicators are up. spending, it is certainly not down the way it was the last time we have these talks in august of 2011. we just need politicians to get their act together.
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>> you are watching bbc world news america. aground in alaska, the drilling rig is of course, questioning the risks. the oldest private bank will close after pleading guilty to helping american class evaded taxes, hitting its role in hiding $1 billion over 10 years had a grain to pay $58 million in fines. >> it is the end of the road for the private bank. it sold off non-u.s. holdings, protecting them from the legal battle with washington. howell closed completely. when they pleaded guilty to helping clients of aid taxes,
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managers told the u.s. court it was legal in switzerland. those words have huge implications for the 13 other swiss banks under investigation. >> he said all swiss banks acted in the same way, that is what u.s. authorities are waiting for. they claim what about many, certainly a problem for other swiss banks. >> the government is desperate to reach a deal with the u.s. similar to those agreed with britain and germany. they will charge foreign clients a withholding tax. negotiations have proved fruitless. many believed switzerland is trying to square and a possible circle, satisfy foreign governments determined to
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reclaim tax revenue, and still protect the banking secrecy. it seems pretty clear, either the secrecy goes or the bank chose. >> u.s. lawmakers are demanding an inquiry after a show oil- drilling ship ran aground off the coast of alaska. crews of a struggling to recover the heavy seas. they insist no oil has been spilled. but the incident has heightened concerns about the environmental risks of drilling in the arctic. >> this is a drilling rig. now grounded in one of the most inhospitable places on earth. hear, a coast guard helicopter
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dropped supplies to and on board salvage team. they found no side of leaking fuel, but the rig has been damaged. >> there is damage to the topside of the vessel, a number of patches have been breached, the team has secured some of the open hatches. the emergency services generators have been damaged. >> they may have to bring in additional generators or work without power. they face serious risks from the elements. the rig near the land on monday night and was cut loose from the last tugboat. >> so many people involved, we have air assets in people staging different areas. it is maintaining that safety. >> many icecaps are shrinking.
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and the multinational oil companies are racing each other to profit from the vast natural resources believed this landscape. show alone has invested four and a half billion dollars, not the first time the safety record has come under scrutiny. >> what we see is a moment where we can take the time out, the government has not yet issued the permits for drilling in 2013, we can setback and decide not to drill in the arctic. dodge and bills of that the oil companies through rigorous scrutiny, but the president is walking a fine line between protecting the environment and achieving a policy goal of making america energy independence. >> if you're one of the millions of people that resolved to shed some weight, yoga might be a
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good route. as benjamin explains, not all forms of the ancient exercise are about relaxation explore the world of extreme yoga. the body is pushed to the very lebed. >> pull the toes back, you are bellyaching. >> the search for something like transcendence. it is all about the heat. they decided he was going to make the conditions of heat. >> when it came to the united states, he he started escalating. temperatures of 105 and 110 degrees which changes the way it is practiced and makes it much
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more of an endurance contest. >> i started because i went through a break up and i let myself fat and up. i decided, let's try this out. about 64, i think. yelling at his students, i do the nine week trading. i left my job, my girlfriend, my life to practice yoga in a decrepit hotel for $11,000, thinking to myself, this had better be worth it. it is an intense chance to indulge your vet to its extreme and we practice from the moment we woke up at night to midnight. it absolutely hurts. my arm and my shoulder went completely paralyzed and i could
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not move my shoulder for a little while. was it an injury or part of the process? i don't know. competitive yoga is something that doesn't make sense. we want them to be stages with sticking ribs out and it is a romance. to defy yoga is to limit yoga. it shows you the mystery that the american body is capable of. >> definitely not for me. the art of extremely of of brings today's program to a close, he confide constant updates on our website.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> woodruff: employers added 155,000 new jobs in december, while the nation's unemployment rate remained unchanged at 7.8%. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, we have the latest on the final 2012 jobs report, and get a picture of the economic forecast in different regions of the country. >> woodruff: then, we talk to npr reporter deborah amos about the devastation in syria as the death toll in the two-year civil war climbs to over 60,000. >> brown: special correspondent john tulenko examines ohio's retention rule for schools-- finish third grade being able to read or be held back. >> up until third grade you're learning to read, after third grade you're


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